Friday, June 29, 2012

Is That Lightning?

Waking up today was some what me what of a hassle. The plan was to be up and at breakfast by 7:45AM. I woke up at 7:30AM, not even hearing my alarm, and rushed my self to get ready. Since we are in Chicago and it is summer, I decided to wear light clothing suitable for the conditions. Unfortunately, this became a horrible decision later on in the day. We were able to meet up with our cohort at 8:00AM, before our departure to Northwestern.
The Lake
We arrived to what is a very green, isolated campus. The roads were filled with trees, which helped shield me from the burning sun and humid winds. I was very happy with our taxi drive because when we were giving him our destination, he appeared to be lost, but ended up dropping us at the front door of the Admissions Office. I loved the informational session, because they used a slideshow, which helped me input the information more easily into my brain. Then it was followed by our tour. As I looked around the campus, I noticed that it is more focused on education and had little distractions. At our previous tours, the campuses where a mile or two away from the big city, which is filled with distractions, such as stores, zoos, and more. With first hand experience of procrastination, I know that I want to be at a campus that has a bit more focus on whats on the campus rather than whats outside it. Also, the lake was interesting seeing. Then out of nowhere, it began to rain, which eventually lead to lightning. But rain or no rain, we finished the tour.
Later on we had our very own special tour of Chicago. It began by using the famous "L." We walked every where, without the use of a taxi, which helped me see everything. We were in search of a huge shiny bean, otherwise known as the Gate Cloud. After finding it, we then went into Millennium Park. There the girls practiced there gymnastic skills by performing cartwheels and hand stands. From there we continued our tour of Chicago.

Seafood Tower
Dinner was very exciting at Mastro's Steakhouse. I sat with an admissions officer and four students of Northwestern. We kicked it off with stories of Northwestern. By the end of the dinner, I was very excited about Northwestern, especially because of their great enginnering program. Also, I never really considered doing study abroad, even though I heard of it over and over again, until the dinner. Listening to all the wonderful stories and adventures they went on has motivated me to try out study abroad. Unfortunately, we were unable to talk with everyone because we had to be split up into two groups. Our waiter was also nice enough to take a picture of us. I can't wait for tomorrow knowing that each day is filled with multiple adventures.
Our Table
Cameron Developing His Taxi Skills

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  1. Hi! The photo of the whole table came out great! You can even see all of the faces-good job waiter! I hope that you guys are having a great day today. -Shannon