Monday, June 25, 2012

Let The Races Begin!

After waiting in the cold for what seemed like ages, we were finally off to our first destination: the airport. We all said our final goodbyes to our loved ones and piled into the large van that would serve as our shuttle. There was very little traffic and everyone was so lively for it to be 4 AM. When we arrived at SFO we had to check in our bags and go through security. It's been a few years since I took a plane and evidently the security measures have changed. Not only did I have to do a full body scan, but I also had to be pat down by a security officer. After going through the ridiculously long security line, we headed to our terminal where we would board our plane a few minutes prior to departure time. While waiting, we headed to grab something to eat. When we returned, it was time to board the plane. We boarded and sat in our assigned seats. I was seated in the window seat with David and Ian. For the next couple of hours I relaxed and conversed about our upcoming adventures with my seat mates. 
Bye, Bye Bay Area.

When we landed in Phoenix we rushed to the other side of the airport to make it just in time for our plane to St. Louis. After another seemingly short flight, we landed in the hot and very humid, St. Louis, Missouri. 
On the shuttle to the parking lot.
After claiming all of our luggage, we boarded a shuttle that took us to the lot where our 12 passenger van awaited us.
All the girls in the van on the way to the hotel.
 Our hotel for the next couple of days is the Charles Knight Center on the campus of WashU. The hotel is very sophisticated and in a nice atmosphere. There is even a 24 hour guest pantry that has complimentary food and beverages!

We ended the night with a lovely dinner at Dominic's with admissions officers and current students at Washington University. Over dinner, we discussed certain qualities that made the university stand out as well as fun activities to do while we are in the vicinity. I ended my dinner with a lovely homemade cheesecake garnished with fresh strawberries.

I look forward to whatever adventures tomorrow may bring.

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