Monday, June 25, 2012

The Beautiful St. Louis

Today seems to be the longest day of my life!  In the best way of course.  Right now it feels a bit surreal that we are in Missouri right now, but it sure does feel good.

Although I originally planned on arriving at 2:15 AM this morning at El Cerrito High, I ended up arriving at 2:35 AM due to my confused, sleepy body.  Even so, I managed to stay awake today through all of our great adventures.  

 I already love traveling by plane and the two we took today were super fun.  While we flew over each state, I could not stop myself from looking out the window and onto the land below.  From urban cities to mountain ranges, forests, and desert valleys, our plane soared over each type of landscape and they were all fascinating to view from up above.
                              Sky View of Arizona
 Once we arrived in St. Louis, the heat really begin to set in and I got my first feel for the humid weather.  The rental van was initially even hotter, but once we turned on the AC the temperature was cool and the car ride was awesome!  That car took us all over the place today, from the long road to the Knight hotel (I say long because we were a bit lost) on toward Dominic's restaurant where we ate an amazing dinner with two Washington University admission officers and two of the university's current students.

During the dinner we were able to ask the Washington representatives all sorts of questions regarding their experiences with the school.  Over delicious appetizers, entrees, and deserts the group of us really had the chance to get to know one another better and we ILC students learned a great deal about the university.  In fact, after having heard about the experiences of the school from each of our guests, Washington University has officially become a top choice for me in my college search.  Tomorrow we will be touring the campus and I am extremely excited to learn even more about this place after meeting with such incredible members of the school.  Not only does this school seem to be a friendly and inviting environment, but the campus is absolutely gorgeous and full of beautiful greenery.  While tonight I must catch some sleep, I am thrilled to further explore this campus and the city of St. Louis tomorrow!
Beautiful, Tall Trees Cover Washington University

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