Monday, June 25, 2012

At Last,St. louis

As the alarm clock sounded at 1:30 this morning, my rested body hopped out of bed with the excitement of a young child on christmas morning. Next was to get dressed in something somewhat comfortable for the overall  total of 3 hours of plane travel.After the sweet good by hugs and kisses I was off and on my way to El cerrito high school to meet my cohort and go to St. Louis.

When I got to El Cerrito high school, I took my luggage out (two big bags) and was surprised that Don gave me a funny look, which told me "ugh which one are you going to take because if you take two that will add up to cost hundreds of dollars". This led me to pick the biggest of the two and begin to stuff things into my carry-on.With the help of other parents and Mr Lawrence I successfully packed all of my things. Next was a group picture and then the shuttle came and we were off to San Francisco International Airport.

When the plane took off there was a lot of time for me and Chloe Alston to get to know each other a lot more: a lot of valuable time spent talking and laughing.

As we got the rental shuttle and headed towards the hotel I actually found out that the hotel was on the campus of the Washington university. This made me very excited as I got a chance to see the campus before our actual tour.We got our keys and were advised to by the elevator at 5:15 ready to head to dinner.

When we got to "Dominics" the two students and two admissions officers were just driving up. We introduced ourselves and sat down to have what was to be a long entertaining conversation about the adventures and endeavors that they experienced while attending WashU.

Overall , through all the traveling , talking and laughing, and ear aches, I had a wonderful time and looking forward to more to come !

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