Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Ready For Bed

"What did I forget?", that was the one question I kept asking to myself as I, along with the rest of my family, arrived at ECHS. I was praying I didn't forget anything, because I was really worried that my suitcase would be more than 50 pounds. While Don was weighing my suitcase I was already thinking of what I could get rid of, because I was 110% my bag was more than 50 pounds. Can you imagine how surprised I was when Don told my suitcase was barely 30 pounds! I wasn't relieved, I was actually quite upset. I could have packed so many more things! Oh well, I packed everything I was going to need, and that's what matters. In almost no time at all we were in the shuttle, on our way to the airport.

Once at SFO things happened at a steady pace. We checked in our suitcases, went through security, and got a quick breakfast. We boarded the plane shortly, and the view was breathtaking.  I was seated next to Mariko and Clara. We managed to stay awake by talking to one another.  All three of us were ready for this 35 day journey to begin. Before we knew it we had landed in Phoenix, Arizona. We exited the plane and made our way over to Gate 28, where we would be boarding our next flight. The plane ride was a bit bumpier than the first, but nothing major. We arrived in St. Louis at around 1:42 PM, and we were never happier. Sitting down through two flights (even if they were pretty short) took a toll on my body. I was extremely sore and exhausted of course, but I can't blame it all on the plane ride. Please remember we had to be at ECHS at 2:45 AM.

We picked up our rental car, and that was when we felt it. We were clearly no longer in California, and this was no bay area weather. It was hot and very humid. I was wearing a sweater, but it felt like I was wearing 10 sweaters and standing in a sauna. You can imagine how happy we were when we finally reached the hotel, which has air conditioning! The air conditioning wasn't the only reason why we were so happy to here. This hotel is amazing! They have a fitness center and a complimentary snack pantry!

We ended the long day with a lovely dinner at "Dominic's". We were joined by four lovely guests. Together we shared many laughs, ate delicious foods, and enjoyed each others' companies. As for now, I am exhausted from a very long day and I am ready for bed. After today, bed may be what the Penn cohort is looking forward to the most. Goodnight!

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