Monday, June 25, 2012

Day One, WashU (Washington University)

I woke up today at 1:45AM in San Pablo, its now 9:48PM and now I am St. Louis. The journey to get here has been extremely exhausting due to the fact that I have been awoken for over 18 hours. It started off in El Cerrito High School. I walked up to Don Gosney with my luggage, praying to God that it wouldn't exceed 50 pounds. It was 47 pounds, three pounds away from 50. The extra jacket, the extra shirts, and the extra jeans that I had some space for would have jeopardized me. I said my final good-byes to my family and then off we were to SFO airport.

There was some traffic at baggage check-in and security, but we were able to push through. The security seem some what paranoid. I say this because as I put everything that was needed into the trays to be scanned, they wanted to see my plane ticket. Then once they checked my carry-on luggage and my ticket, I tried to place the ticket back into my pocket. They suspected me of hiding something in my pocket, so I had to hold the ticket in my hand with my arms up in the air as I passed the metal detector. Then when I got out, I tried to place the ticket, a small little piece of paper, back into my pocket. Now another security personal tells me to stop trying to hide something in my pockets.  Nonetheless, I got out alive.

The plane rides were to much fun. It was filled with laughter and jokes. As we got off in Phoenix, the heat started to hit me. Back home the weather was slightly chilly. There I got what Don was talking about the humidity. To summarize it, "It Was Hot!!!" But that was only the beginning of the new weather experience. St. Louis was even hotter than Phoenix at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Hotel Room
                     The Washington University

We got to Washington University at about 1:00PM, and were in our  rooms at 1:30PM. The rooms were amazing and I say the best part was that I could not hear the loud construction going on next to the hotel. I was only able to enjoy the room for a couple of minutes before I had to get ready for the dinner at Dominix. We were accompanied at the dinner by two students of Washington University and two Admission Officers. One thing that interested my was that many students at WashU have double majors. This was only one of many traits of WashU that was interested me. The food was extemely tasty. I felt that the made many of their dishes on the quantity side because nearly everyone was filled yet they didn't even finish their plates.

The Appetizeir
The Pasta
The Lobster Picante

Now I am at our first blog party. There is talk of all the fun adventures await us in our near future. But at the moment I just want to sleep.

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