Saturday, July 14, 2012

Washington D.C

After a long Friday , today summer discovery was taking a field trip to Washington D.C. I was very excited because I hadn't been to Washington D.C in about four years . Also recently, a cousin of mine moved down near the area , so I took this as a chance visit with her because I do not see that often.

When the alarm rang at 7 am , I had only gotten approximately 5 hours of sleep , so you can imagine what kind of mood I was in. after taking about 10 minutes to get out of bed ,my head seemed to way many more pounds than it actual does.When I looked out the window, it was raining, so I put on a long sleeve shirt , jeans and a jacket like I usually do at home.I later learned that this was a big mistake. I hopped on the bus and off we took for the 3 hour drive to Washington D.C. I luckily had the two back seats two myself , so I layed out and caught up on some sleep.

 When we arrived , we were in the Nation Mall facing the Capitol. The gang and I headed toward the nation museum of the american Indian, which was quiet interesting . When we sat down to eat , I got a phone call from my cousin that she had arrived , so I walked out to the front at met her and then introduced her to the rest of the cohort. We spent a lot of time discussing how we were actually part Indian and diving back into our ancestry. Many of the things she told me actually made sense because of the characteristics that our family members have.

Me And My Cousin
When we left the museum , I found out what such a bad clothing decision I made. In the east coast , it can be 90 degrees with humidity ( which makes it about 100 degrees) and can also rain, all at the same time. I had to deal with and if a similar situation presented itself I would make a better decision. We then headed towards the nation capital . I remember walking down the same path towards the steps of the capital 4 years ago. After this it was time to head back to the buses. I dropped my cousin back off at her car and said my goodbyes .( I wont be seeing her until Christmas :( )

The Capital

We visiting Georgetown for the remainder of the day , which was full of shops but me and David were so worn out by the heat that we just went in out of stores, for the air conditioning. The long bus ride home was well needed, because I finally was able to be in cool environment.

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