Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Day At The Capitol

I woke up to the strange pitter-patter of rain falling outside on the pavement. My heart sank when I realized that this was the weather I'd be experiencing all day. I got dressed and went to Wawa to pick up a few breakfast items and snacks for the trip. Today we were headed to our nation's capitol, Washington D.C.

The ride to D.C. was about two hours long and it was spent socializing with everyone else on bus #5. I was so excited to get off the freezing bus so I didn't mind that it was hot and humid outside. We were given three hours to explore the National Mall, which isn't a shopping mall for anyone who's wondering. The cohort and I spent the majority of  our time at the museum of American Indian history. After the museum, we started walking towards the capitol building. The capitol was something I absolutely had to see. I gawked at the buildings beauty. The palm trees that adorned the building made it seem like it belonged in some Latin country, rather than the state of Virginia. I was so excited just looking at the building and thinking of all the wonderful things that go on inside of its doors. 
The girls of the Penn team in front of the US Capitol.

At 3:00 we met with the rest of the program back at the drop-off area. We drove less than half an hour before we reached Georgetown University. The initial plan was to walk down to M street where all of the shops were located, but after one of the RC's compared the area to San Francisco with all of it's great hills we decided to just grab lunch. The girls of the Penn Team ate at a nice restaurant called The Tombs. The restaurant was very well hidden and I wonder if it's location has anything to do with its name(It's somewhat underground.) Over dinner we got to know one another a little better. You'd think that after spending three weeks together we'd know every little aspect about each other. 

Lunch with the girls!

The bus ride home was another long ride, this time filled with less talking. Everyone spent the majority of their time reviewing pictures they took, taking more pictures, or just taking in the lovely scenery as we passed through different states. Today was an amazing day to explore new places with the lovely cohort. Tomorrow we'll be split up; some of us will be going ice skating, while others(me!!!) will be going shopping at the King of Prussia mall. Don't worry, we'll all be reunited for a cohort dinner, complete with our chaperone, later on in the evening. 

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