Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Capitol Day

Ah Saturday, a day for sleeping in, watching cartoons, and eating pancakes.  Or a day for an early wake-up and a 3-hour bus ride to Washington DC.  Today was the latter, although we did watch The Incredibles on the bus. 

We arrived at the National Mall at about 11:45.  It had been raining on and off during our trip, but humidity appeared to have taken the rain's place as we got off the bus. We had about three hours to explore the Mall and, on Mariko's recommendation, the cohort started off at the Museum of the American Indian.  We got lunch at their traditional food court, and although slightly overpriced, the food was delicious.  We then walked through an exhibit titled "Our Universes." It detailed the location, people, and traditions of many Native American tribes.  I enjoyed seeing the differences between each tribes and watching the video re-enactments of the traditional legends.  I've never loved history, but I think it's important to remember who came before us and honor them.  

From the museum, we walked to the Capitol Building.  Although we couldn't go inside, I was amazed by the pure power that the building radiated.  The lawn and fountains were beautiful and it felt crazy to be standing so close to where legislation is made.  After snapping a few photos, we walked back across the Mall to get back on the buses and drive to Georgetown.

The girls of our cohort decided we did not have enough time or energy to walk down to M street, the main shopping and dining area about a mile away from campus.  Instead, we explored the campus and the surrounding area.  We decided to grab a bite to eat at Tomb's Restaurant, apparently a popular spot for Georgetown students.  My falafel and berry shortcake were very good, but the conversation was even better.  Since starting our classes, the five of us haven't really had time to get together and hang out. I love how close we have gotten and I know we will be life-long friends.  I've met some amazing people on this trip, but it was great to take a moment and bond with amazing people I came with.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to sleeping in and then going ice-skating with a Summer Discovery organized trip.  It should be a great day, though I'm starting to believe that's the only type of day they have here. 

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