Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Theater Of The Opressed

This morning my usual routines went forth , but  I actually got breakfast this morning , which was quiet refreshing and prepared me for the long day to come with Lisa Jo Etstein( From the theater of the oppressed) Workshop.When we walked into class, I was surprised that all the desk were spread out throughout the classroom. It turned out that we actually were going to be sitting on the ground today.

When the teacher came into the class it was a little odd because you could instantly sense the weirdness throughout the classroom. The different workshops that we were doing were things that you wouldn't ordinarily think of , such as being responsible for a human being  by control their movement with your hand and your body. It was somewhat interesting , but got me thinking of the possible reason she would have us doing this. I started thinking and my thoughts got mixed up when she added four people for us to be responsible for with the movements of our bodies.I came to the conclusion that when I had only one person to control , it was easier to actually lead and be successful in what I wanted to accomplish. As I received more people to control , I realized that I had to be more cautious to be more successful because it got progressively harder.This can be applied in many leadership forms such as president.

The next workshop dealt with molding.We each had a partner and we had to see how it is being a sculptor and make a design, but out of a person. This may seem a little odd but it was actually another exercise dealing with leadership and also with creativity.After that we did a dialogue without speaking but by making yourself into a statue while the other person responded. This was really fun and actually got me to expand my mind to think of new ideas.Lastly we participated in form theater were we got to interpret what we thought of what was going on in the silent acting. Then we actually got a chance to offer solutions to the problem after we figured out what was going on .  

After class ended I read a little more of the" Theater of the oppressed" and then hung out with friends until it was time to head to our rooms. I am looking forward to another day with Lisa Jo Etstein because I believe that although it is weird now it is because the things that are being introduced to me are new and it will take time to get used to , but within the next couple of meeting , I will truly understand the meaning of all this" weirdness"

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