Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I See Rainbows

The Physics Academy always satisfies and leaves me in awe. Today, we went into more depth of the powers of the mystical oscilloscope. But before we went straight into the lecture the lecture about the oscilloscope, we talked about light, frequency, and wavelength. We used a light diffraction gradient to view that white light contains all the colors in the rainbow. It was very cool looking at around the room and literally seeing rainbows everywhere. Makes you think about the guy who invented this and how he reacted. Either way that small lecture was really interesting and insightful.

We went back to go even more in depth about the oscilloscope. We talked about how to use even more features, as if it wasn’t a complicated tool already. For the lab, we were going to use the oscilloscope to find Planck’s constant, which is the “c” in E=mc squared. I felt very comfortable with today’s lab because the lecture was very clear, so our group was able to set up and start with ease. We did have some slight problems, but we were still able to understand the lab and complete it early.

The Infamous Oscilloscope

Today, I finished my mission of tasting all the foods at Houston Market. I have to agree with Ed Healy’s advice that he gave me at the beginning of the program, the pizza is killer. Yes, the pizza is killer and in my opinion, the best meal that they have, aside from the Insomnia Cookies. After the dinner, the rest of the cohort went to the gym to burn off the calories they gained. Clara and I decided to go running since we couldn’t go into the gym.  I really needed the run, especially after getting tired quickly at soccer yesterday.

Today was very fun and I can’t wait for what tomorrow has to offer.

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