Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ice Cream, You Scream

Today was not very different than usual.
I met members of the cohort for breakfast then headed back to my room to get my stuff for class. I walked down the streets of Philly with my iPod blasting in my ears. I sat through about a two hour lecture then headed to lunch with my classmates. For lunch I had a tuscan chicken sandwich with potato wedges and water. Though the food at the dining hall is rather delicious, I'm starting to miss my mothers cooking. It's been two weeks since I've had a home-cooked meal, it's a bit saddening. After lunch it was back to the lecture hall for a short lecture then up to the lab. In lab we worked on finding Planck's constant. I was very proud of my group. The number we came up for Planck's constant was only off by a few tiny digits.

 After being released from lab around 3:00 I headed back to my dorm to do some laundry. After doing laundry I headed off for an early dinner with the cohort. We wanted to eat early so that we could go to the gym(those of us who are sixteen and up.) Ivette, Mariko, Chloe, and I met at 6:20 and headed off to the gym. We were at the gym for about an hour and a half before we went back to campus for the ice cream social.

Most of the "social" in "ice cream social" happened in the line. I got cookies and cream ice cream and chips ahoy ice cream topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream. All of the students sat in the quad and surrounding areas as we socialized and ate our delicious frozen treats to end another day of hard work.

I remember in my pre-essay for the program, when asked why I wanted to be a part of the ILC for reasons other than exposure to schools and the wonderful experience, I said for me it was to finally be surrounded by people with common interests. I can definitely say I've found this place. The topics at lunch never cease to amaze me.  I can sit at lunch and bring up topics from the lecture and everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's reassuring to know that not everyone just wants to talk about partying and fashion; there are people out there that don't mind talking about intellectual subjects every now and then.

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