Friday, July 13, 2012

The Sweetest Place On Earth

Awesome. That is the only word that can accurately describe today.  After an early morning wake-up, I met the rest of the Physics class in the quad at 8 AM.  We boarded the bus and took off on our 2 hour trip to Hershey Park.  As we moved out of the city, the scenery transitioned to infrequent houses and corn fields.  I enjoyed the break from Philly's tall buildings and it was a nice time to relax with my fellow classmates.  

My group: Mariko, Alysa, and Jessica
Entering the park went smoothly, no lost students, no hold-ups, and only one broken foot, but that happened a few days ago.  We got our GLX data loggers accompanied with fashionable vests and fanny packs.  My group rushed off to Wildcat, hoping to log our data quickly and get on to the other roller coasters.   We lucked out, even though today is Friday the 13th, and our ride had no line.  We rode it twice and hopefully our data turns out to be helpful in our ride analysis.  I had a great time riding wildcat, it is wooden and rocky, but very fast and exciting.  

We then dashed off to Fahrenheit, a thrilling roller coaster with a 97 degree drop.  It was definitely worth the wait in line.  After dropping off our equipment, we ran around the park and road a few more rides.  We finished our day with lunch on the boardwalk.  We received lunch tickets at the gate, so my chicken strips, side salad, and souvenir cup were completely free.   All too soon, our time was up and we were heading back to the bus to make our trip home.  

We arrived at the quad just in time for our movie, Spider Man for the second time. We didn't have time for dinner, so I ate a lot of popcorn and candied pretzels I bought at Hershey Park.  When we got back home, we could hear the booming of a dance party and were immediately filled with excitement. However, we quickly learned the party was for a separate program, and we were not invited.  Luckily, I met some other people who were disappointed about the dance, and we hung out in the lounge playing pool and getting to know each other. It was the perfect ending to a great day. 

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