Friday, July 13, 2012

Goodbye T.O.

Three days of working on Theater of the Oppressed with Lisa Jo made me realize how important it was to step out of my comfort zone. I always tend to interpret something whether it is an object or an idea of some sort, and just end it there. I can't remember ever trying to imagine seeing it from somebody else's point of view, a new perspective. In the past three days we interpreted scenes, phrases, sounds, sculptures, and body movements, and it was so fascinating to hear how everybody had something different to say. We were all looking in the same direction, at the same thing, yet everybody took something different away from it. I loved hearing what my classmates had to say.

I'm horrible when it comes to expressing myself. I just can never find the right way to do it, so I never do. The wonderful thing about working with Lisa Jo was that 98% of the workshops we did involved absolutely no words, and she made sure you didn't utter a single word. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable for me to have to shape my body to mimic a certain emotion, but after a few workshops I found it to be liberating. It felt great to be able to use my body to express how I was feeling. I didn't have to worry about pairing the right words to say how I was feeling, or worry about anybody judging me. That's the great thing about this class, there is no judgment. Two weeks have gone by and we are all so close to one another. I really cannot imagine saying goodbye to any of them.

Today is Friday which means it was mandatory movie night! I was so disappointed with the movie I watched last week, so I was hoping this week's movie would not disappoint. I watched Spiderman, you can never go wrong with a Spiderman movie. It was a great movie and such an improvement from last week! If you haven't seen it yet, I really recommend you go watch it now!

Tomorrow there is a mandatory trip to Washington D.C., and I am so excited! Our last trip turned out to be so much fun, so I'm hoping this trip won't be any different. I guess we'll see how it goes, goodnight!

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