Friday, July 13, 2012

The Amazing Lisa Jo Epstein

This was going to be the last day that we worked with Lisa Jo Epstein. The class actually got more interesting then what it was before , because as she said, it is a process and it builds up. What you get out of the sessions are what you make of it. When I walked in the classroom the weirdness that I experienced the past few days vanished because I was finally realizing the significance.This is one of the reasons that its always good to try new things because you never will know if you like it until you try it.

We began class with a set of Gamesercises. This one I didn't quiet understand as we were told to make a sound and a movement to a person in a line, and however they interpreted it they would make a sound and a movement to another individual in the same line. I didn't understand what the actual point to this was , but I believe it was somewhere around how actions speak louder than words and can be interpreted by many different people differently.  After that was all done, we jumped into the skits we came up with for our respected topic.

This was were the actual TO( Theater of the oppressed) came into play. Basically when people are not treated equally or are going against something in which they are oppressed , these skits are used to mock the situation so that people can jump into the equation and can somewhat experience what the oppressed feel. Also people offer solution to the problems, which are very helpful  in issues that involve circumstances like bullying, stress, or even peer pressure. I have taken so much from these past three days, and hope that this could be one of the things that I can bring back to the society were I live so that people can hear others voices without them having to actually say a word but rather through the actions that they take.

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