Friday, July 13, 2012

Rollercoaster Mania

I woke up at 7:17 and rushed to the bathroom. Luckily I only ran into one person in the bathroom this morning. I went to Mclleland to grab some fruit for breakfast and a few snacks for our trip today. At 8:00 the whole physics group met outside of the front gate. I sat next to Jessica on the way to and from Hershey Park. We spent the time talking and getting to know one another as well as our surrounding classmates.

The street signs and street lamps were so cute!
We finally arrived at Hershey Park at approximately 10:30! We had to wait a while to get situated so we didn't actually get to head off to our rides until 11:45. As I mentioned in a previous blog, my group had to analyze the ride Wildcat. I was kind of bummed that we got stuck with what seemed like a boring ride but I was so wrong. There was virtually no line both of the times we went to ride Wildcat. For the first run, I wore the vest provided by Pasco that held the GLX data logging device and altimeter. While walking through the park I got a few concerned looks because the vest and equipment looked pretty scary. Clara wore the vest the second run and we got equally satisfying data. Not that collecting data for our physics class wasn't fun, but the next part was the highlight of the day. It was time to go ride as many coasters as we could before meeting with the group at 3:30 to go back to campus.

Clara, Mariko, Jessica, and I rode Fahrenheit next because we were told there was absolutely no line. When we got there, there was a line but it was totally worth it. I looked up rides in the park the previous night and Fahrenheit was at the top of my "to ride" list. This ride rises 121 feet nearly perpendicular to the ground then drops back down again at a 97 degree angle. The actual rising part was more scary than the fall. The ride was super fun and I would have rode it again if we had more time. After Fahrenheit we went to return our data logging equipment to the home area so we could have fun without worrying about possibly ruining expensive equipment. I can't remember in what order we rode the rides but in  our remaining time we rode Superdooperlooper, Great Bear, and a ride very similar to Fireball that is at a  lot of fairs.

The outing to Hershey Park was super fun and so exciting. Throughout the whole day my group kept expressing their excitement through cheerful screams, laughter, and big smiles. Though we didn't want to, we had to be back at campus by 6:00 PM so we boarded the buses and endured another long bus ride. We arrived on campus just in time. We were now going to the movies to see the new Spiderman! The movie was great, in my eyes. Jacob, the person I sat next to, seemed to think that I was very easily fooled by the good action because the plot was horrible, according to him. Our row shared candy and popcorn as we watched the action-packed film.

Putting on my super cool data logging device.
Today was such an amazing day. From screaming my lungs off to sitting on the edge of my chair in the movie theater, it was all great. Tomorrow I have to wake up early again because we're headed to Washington D.C.
Over and out!

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