Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rollercoaster Prep

This morning I decided to try a fruit salad from one of the street vendors right outside of the front gate. The fruit was all very juicy and sweet, I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed my fruity treat on the way to the david Rittenhouse Laboratories. 

Today in class we discussed the Millikan Oil Drop experiment. This experiment, performed by Robert Millikan and his T.A.'s, was to determine the charge of electrons. Prior to discussing the oil drop experiment, we were given information about our trip to Hershey Park that we will be making tomorrow. Our task at the amusement park is to log data about one specific roller coaster that we ride. My group consists of me, Clara,  Mariko, and Jessica. In addition to logging important information such as acceleration using a cool device strapped to our bodies, we have to do a complete analysis of the ride. The ride my group will be analyzing is Wildcat, which is very similar to Roar at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. 

Wildcat at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.
Roar atSix Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.

For lunch we went to Houston market as usual, but today I was prompted to try something new. Just when I thought I would have to start repeating food selections, something special caught my eye. I stopped by the sushi station I normally just pass by. Boy, was I surprised! I ordered Bento Box A and it did not disappoint. The bento box came with teriyaki chicken, white rice, two dumplings, a small salad, and a California roll. The food was just delicious; my stomach is growling as I think about it. I have decided that for the next few lunches I will get sushi until I have tried all of their seemingly endless possibilities.

After being released early from lab, I headed back to campus to clean up before dinner. I tidied up my room a little bit then met my cohort for dinner. Following dinner was a routine visit to the David Pottruck fitness center. 

It's getting late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. So long!

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