Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something Different

Today was a day that I did not necessarily look forward to for one  reason.First off, today would be a continuation of what we did yesterday , of which I didn't understand the significance of what we were doing.So I got up , ate breakfast , and headed to class. 

Many people from yesterday's session , were somewhat disrespectful in regards to cell phones or having small side conversations. This is because in our regular class we have a lot more freedom to ourselves and discuss issues that are bothering us in this world. Mr lamas actually gave all of us an option to take a break for that day or an option to work on our website. I just thought this was a test to see who would actually stay true to there commitment to the class along with professor Lamas himself. I decided to stay because I was taught that once you begin something, you ride it through till the end. I believed in this and thought that there was a underlying theme to all the" madness" going on.

When class started we sat in a circle and everyone stated something that they loved and were obsessed with. Not only that but once we were done we had to pass the turn the next person with our eyes. I wondered what this could mean , but couldn't yet grasp the concept. We then played "gamecercise" which are intended to be fun sorts of mental exercises.Today they seemed more fun and actually interactive and it also seemed like the people that weren't necessarily comfortable speaking were coming out of their shell and not having to worry about being judged by what they say. This brought the whole class closer together. I was finally starting to get what all of this was building up to. Now it was lunch time, another 2 hours until class would start again.
One of the gamecises

One More.
When lunch was over we all headed over to the same room as yesterday afternoon. Its full of space for us to move and around and interact even more so than the first room. When then picked groups based off of things that happen in our teenage life that we all can understand in one shape or form, such as stress, cliques,love, parents, etc. We than all came up with a picture using the students in our group as statues to represent certain things we were experience regarding that subject. We all then presented, and it was open for interpretation. It was interesting the way people analyzed what the picture could mean and how it differed from what the actual meaning was supposed to mean. This just allowed us to see how different people see things differently and its the experiences or the certain circumstances that cause that meaning to come forth in that individual. Today was a very successful day and I am very glad that I made a wise decision to stay and actually put use to the "nonsense" my parents teach me .

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