Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Two

As I walked to class I didn't quite know what to expect. Her teaching methods aren't like anything I am used to, so I was excited to see what she had planned for today. We began the class with a small speech from Prof. Lamas, and after that we dived right in. There was more working with shaping our bodies to express how we felt. That was one of my favorite workshops from yesterday, so I was happy to get another chance to work on that. I have enjoyed the past two days so much, because I think it has really brought our class together. All the different work shops have allowed us to interact with one another aside from our normal class discussions. The other thing that I enjoyed about the different workshops we've been doing is that everybody has their own interpretations. For example, today we all had topics that we had to shape our bodies into, and the audience has to interpret it the full image into words. It was really interesting to hear what others had to say about it. It really did just make me stop my train of thought, and just try to view it from their point of view. It makes you think about everybody around you, and how they view the same things you do.

Clara, Chloe, Alysa, and I went to dinner together, which was surprisingly pretty empty. The rest of my evening was spent with the girls from my cohort, except for Mariko who was participating in a friendly game of soccer.  A long visit to the gym followed dinner, and then a blogging party in my headquarters. As for now, I am just getting ready for bed, and looking forward to what's in store for us tomorrow. One thing is for sure, Lisa Jo does not disappoint!

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