Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today I woke up and got dressed and headed down the stairs. One of my friends asked me, "do you know what happened". I said no, and he started to explain how a fellow student of our was intoxicated last night and was throwing up all over the place. The RC's didn't know what was wrong with her , so they escorted her to the hospital were they later learned the truth. Many wondered what happened from there. The first day we got here ,we had an information session were they explicitly explained that if caught with alcohol or illegal substances, there would be no second chances,  you would be sent home immediately. So this is exactly what happened.When you think about the severity of the situation , you come to see that this is as severe as it could possibly get. First off ,this program cost roughly 10,000 dollars , which went out the window ,and second that will stay on her record for future references.

Today's class we had a guess lecturer who talked on the subject of feminism. We listened to a James brown song called "Its A Mans World" , and than listened to "We Run The World" by Beyonce. We broke the songs up and actually talked about the messages that were being portrayed . The first song was about all of the great invention's that man has made , but it also states that none of this would be , if there were no women.The second song talked a little more about how women rule the world.Through controlling men sexually , Beyonce states that they can have power to run the world.Therefore lulling young women into a false sense of achievement, instead of them actually performing the work to" run the world.50% of  the U.S population are women , but they are known as a minority due to their position relative to men, the "dominant group". Also women at all age levels and all education levels american women are paid only 78%of what a man is paid for doing the same work, which is a huge improvement from 1980 when it was only 60%.

I learned a lot today and when class was over  I hung out with a few friends and later went to dinner at Houston dining market.Later that night we had a RC meeting and  what was stated previously about the young lady being sent home , reinforcing the rules and the consequences if they were not followed. In other news , I will be attending the Dark night,  on friday night and I am really excited , because this is supposed to be a really good movie. We bought out a whole theater room just for the Summer discovery. Cant wait!

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