Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Stop Before Penn

Today I woke up relieved because that was the first night that I actually got at least 6 hours of sleep . I better not get used to that because for the most part this will not be happening , so I should expect the unexpected.

The day filled with travel started with breakfast at knight hotel , which would be our last couple hour there in St. Louis , as we left for Chicago at 3:54. Back to the room we went for a couple hour of packing , were I figured out how to actually fit everything I brought into my suitcase! The only fear now was,"is my suitcase going to be under 50 pounds"? Before we arrived at the airport we stopped for some lunch and subway. When we finally arrived ,I was relieved that my luggage only weighed 48.5 pounds. St. Louis was fun , but now it was time too head to a big city known as Chicago.

When we arrived in Chicago after about a 45 minute flight ,it was not hot, at least not yet, as what was set in store for the remainder of our stay here ,was over 100 degree weather.The shuttle over to the drake hotel was full of the Chicago city traffic, but at least we got time to talk about some of the very tall buildings.When we arrived at the Drake ,we were all excited that it was right in the middle of downtown near a lot of shops.Cant wait to meet with the University of Chicago tomorrow !

                                                                 Drake Hotel

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