Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Cannot Believe I Am In Chicago

I did not want to leave WashU to go to Chicago knowing that we were going to have to go through the airport again. I woke up late today compared to the past two day, 8:25AM. Packing my luggage was not such a hassle as I thought it would be because I discovered my suitcase had some zippers that expanded it. This would have been a lot help two days ago when I was jumping on it trying to shut it close. By noon, we checked out of the wonderful Charles F. Knight Center and headed off to Chicago. Although we had some delays with our plane, passing through the airport was very fast and quick. The plane ride was less than an hour, we were barely able to start a conversation without it being interrupted by the landing.

Chicago From Within
Before embarking on the journey to Penn, I talked about all the adventures I was going to go on with all of my family members, which I easily over 50 people knowing that I have about 14 uncles and 10 aunts. Out of all the family members, only one of my cousins had ever been at Chicago. They said the streets are fluttered with people, mostly tourist, and the traffic is horrible in the 90 degree weather. Most of what he said was completely accurate. Luckily, the shuttle we took to the hotel had the best air conditioning. I am still scared of the weather because it is rumored that tomorrow was going to be 115degrees, which is really going something new. I brought the best sun screen I could find in the stores. Hopefully it keeps me from tanning up, which easily happens.

Entering The Drake
The Drake Hotel was the most luxurious hotel, that's probably why it is one of the best in the nation. Today, we went to a semi-formal restaurant for dinner, The Grill is what it is called. The food was great. The burger I ordered filled me up so much that I think I might skip dinner tomorrow. I can't wait to tour more of Chicago tomorrow, especially the University of Chicago.

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