Thursday, May 31, 2012

Launch Pad

Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you that I have been looking forward to this opportunity since I was accepted to the ILC back in February. I remember last year’s orientation being the launch pad before sending us all off to the East Coast, so I was looking forward to the orientation this June as a final step before our highly-anticipated arrival at Penn. I wasn’t disappointed.

Mr. Ramsey congratulates us on getting
this far in the program
Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg both reminded us of the importance of good behavior while back east, as we are all ambassadors of the WCCUSD. I was struck with a renewed sense of responsibility when Ms. Kronenberg told us that we owed it to the thousands of other WCCUSD students who don’t get to participate in the ILC to do the very best we could in all aspects of our East Coast experience. Don also spoke, emphasizing the more practical portions of our trip, such as remembering to check our pockets before running the wash so as not to end up with large, colorful stains on all of our clothing. Of course, this might be perfect if navy blue tie-dye is your type of fashion statement, but otherwise this is less than ideal.

Mr. Kronenberg reminded us to represent our
district well while back east
A picture of Don taking pictures
We later dispersed into our breakout groups, walking through the halls of Pinole Middle School until we came to the door with a large Penn banner next to it. Our chaperone, Mr. Lawrence, passed out papers and briefly went over our itinerary. As I scanned down the sheet of college tours and weekend activities, it hit me that in less than a month, we will all be on the East Coast.
Mr. Lawrence introduces himself to the 2012 ILC cohort
Earlier in the evening, I had wondered whether my experience at Brown last summer would dampen my enthusiasm for the coming trip to Penn. I am pleased to report that I am every bit as excited this summer as I was last summer. I could see that same passion mirrored on the faces of my fellow ILCers as we regrouped for some closing remarks by Mr. Ramsey. Look out, East Coast, because WCCUSD’s very own 2012 ILC cohort is on its way!

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  1. Mariko,

    You get bonus points for using a photo of me that doesn’t show the world just how fat I really am. It’s bad enough to be so overweight but we don’t need to show our friends in New Guinea and Lithuania. From reading my comments, blogs and missives on the web sites I’m sure they envisioned something “else” and I never want to disappoint my adoring fans.