Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Final Step

I just got home from tonight's orientation, and I'm hoping that I didn't annoy my mom too much with my constant gushes of excitement in the car on the way back.  Not only was the evening helpful and informative, it also served as yet another tool to increase the excitement I feel for this summer.  Though, to be honest, it doesn't take much these days to set me off on a high-pitched ramble of enthusiasm. I think all my friends are anticipating my trip not only because of how amazing it will be, but also because I might finally stop talking about it.
A room full of amazing people
Orientation began with a welcome and a review of the expectations for all the ILC participants.  Although we had all heard this many times, it was nice to have a refresher and a reminder of how privileged we all are to have this opportunity.  Then, Ms. Kronenberg introduced the Chaperones and each one got to share some of their thoughts on the coming summer.  Each little speech was filled with smiles and words of excitement very similar to my own.  Don took over next to give us some more details on our trips, go over our packing list, and share with us some of the items he is willing to loan out over the summer.  After the frantic search for my camera cord this evening, I know a card reader will be on my list of requests.
Ms. Kronenberg introduces the chaperones

Did I mention that I'm really excited?
We then went into the breakout groups for each cohort.  We received more specifics on our itineraries and talked with Christina, a rising Junior at Penn.  I was happy to see that besides the course work, we will also get to do fun things on the weekends, like watch an MLS game and visit the art museum.  I was also glad to find out that the dorms at Penn are air conditioned and can get "meat locker cold."  I highly doubt growing up in the Bay Area has prepared me for the heat I will experience in Philadelphia so it is nice to know I will get a break at night.

With all the specifics covered, we reconvened in the multipurpose room for some final remarks and a large round of applause for all of us.  It feels amazing to have made it this far, and I can't believe we are leaving in less than a month. 

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  1. I love that photo of you with Mariko. It tells me the money I spent on the Penn banner was well worth it.

    In case anyone else asks you to shut up about your trip, I’m pleased to see how enthused you are about going.