Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Last Step

While driving up to what used to be my middle school, it took me a while to get acquainted  with the new setup of the school. After finally figuring it out, I imagined all the old buildings in the exact same place along with all the old memories of being a middle school student.

As the orientation took, what I would call a "shaky" beginning, due to the tardiness of a few of my cohorts, I was yet to feel the excitement of which I would feel just minutes after we split off into groups. Receiving all the paperwork with the different utilities we would be needing made it seem like we would be gone for years, but  which was actually a month, just to make us as comfortable as possible.

When we split off into groups, I felt as if I were to pack and leave that very night. The excitement of traveling to the east coast finally hit me. I will be attending an Ivy league college for a month. which includes being on my own without parents, dorm life , and most of all meeting new people. Now that the stress is over and there's nothing left but to go and make a good representation of the WCCUSD, I feel obligated to those who made it possible for me, to do my very best.

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  1. Cameron,

    You’re not the only one to write about the tardiness issue. We’ve stressed this time and time again and tried to drive home the importance of being on time.

    This particular meeting was mandatory because there was a lot of critical information that each of you--and your parents--needed to hear and understand. We could not start knowing that some of our ILCers were absent. This was not a meeting where we could fill the tardy person in afterwards.

    We actually had 103 people that were waiting for the tardy people to arrive. That’s a lot of people waiting for so few.

    Perhaps you noticed in your Penn packet that they mention that being tardy is grounds for THEM to send you home. Maybe you can all see that this isn’t just us ranting about being on time. If we can train you to do one thing while a part of the ILC, if you learn the value of being on time we’ve succeeded at least a little.