Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations, You Made It!

"You're going to be late!" "Hurry!" "You're still not ready?" These were the only three phrases my parents could utter before rushing out of the front door, and into the car. It was 6:05 PM when we officially left the house, and made our way to the orientation. Once in the car they came up with a whole new set of phrases: "We should have left earlier!", "They're going to start without us!", and my favorite "You don't know where the school is?!" It was a hectic car ride.

Once inside (AND ON TIME!), I, along with my mother, made my way over to what seemed to be the Penn table. After the chaperones introduced themselves, we made our way to our school assigned classroom for more information on our trip. We filled out some papers, we were given detailed information about the trip, and we were able to ask questions. We discussed what items we should bring and what we should wait to buy once we're in the east coast, trips we would like to take as a group during our free time, the importance of being on time, and what is expected of us.

At 7:45 PM, we were all back in the multipurpose room. When Mr. Ramsey said, "Congratulations, You made it!", I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with excitement, it had finally hit me. I'm actually going to the east coast for the summer, I'm really taking a class at The University of Pennsylvania! This was it, the final step. I made it, we all made it. Congratulations 2012 ILC participants!

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  1. Yes, Ivette, YOU MADE IT! And you made it on time.

    As I’m reading these blogs about this orientation I’m seeing a recurring them: no one pays any attention to what I’m telling them. I attached detailed maps to the email about this meeting and everyone seems to want to ignore them. For some one as big, fat and loud as I am, I seem to blend in a lot where I’m not even noticed.

    At least your parents seemed to understand the need for being on time.

    By the way, did you notice in the material sent to you by Penn that tardiness is justification for them sending you home?