Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thanks A Latte

I totally forgot I was supposed to meet my cohort at 7:15 this morning so when I woke up at 7:00 I hurried to the bathroom to get ready. When I came back to my dorm I could see a few of my friends already waiting in the quad so I got dressed quickly and tried to catch up. I ran out the door as soon as I saw them leave then I realized I left my phone. I made a quick pivot at the door and retrieved my phone from my desk. By the time I made it outside they were nowhere to be found, so I headed to breakfast alone. I saw my friends in line, said hello, and then got breakfast. I asked Chloe to make "beginners coffee" for me so I wouldn't miss anything important during today's physics lecture. After eating breakfast, I headed back to my dorm with high hopes of seeing my roommate. She wasn't there. I sat down for a little while and used the internet before it was time to head to class. I left for class at about 7:35 so I could enjoy my coffee and the sweet sound of music from my iPod.

I arrived in A-1 located in the  David Rittenhouse building a few minutes before 9:00. I settled in and took a seat in the third row(yesterday I sat in the front). The first half of class was filled with lectures on particles and optics. We then built telescopes in our lab groups. This was my favorite part of the entire day! It was really fun learning how lenses and mirrors work.
My lab group works on focusing on the fortune at the end of the tube.

We took a break for lunch at Houston Market. I ate a yummy cheesesteak sandwich with perfectly crunchy french fries.

The second half of class was filled with more lasers and refraction. We were also introduced to finding critical angles. The lab was actually made up of multiple smaller labs. Everyone was done with lab around 3:30 and we were released early again.  After class I headed back to my dorm to rest and use the computer. At about 6 PM I went with my cohort to meet Ian, our chaperone, and we went to walk around the home area.

The first two days of class have been great but I'm excited for the Independence Day activities tomorrow. Our chaperone is going to come pick us up in the morning and we're going to go check out the parade and all of the other events planned for tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day!

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