Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Occupy Movement

This morning I woke up and I was already in the norm of things.Get up , get dressed , and get ready for breakfast.Today we actually had to make our own way to class. I was the only one out of  our group that actually remembered how to get to class.When we arrived , we had a few discussions which were very interesting. After that we had to make a reflection on a poster board of anything we thought about during the days discussion before. We were allowed 10 minutes and when we came back to class , there were a lot of great ideas regarding the community in metaphorical ways.

After class we had lunch at the Houston dining hall , were I ate sushi. Specifically the California roll. We hung out for about an hour than headed back to a spot on campus were our instructor told us we would be going into town to actually experience many of the protest gatherings going on in Pennsylvania.While walking through town we passed buildings such as independence hall. When we arrived in the park we were greeted by a panel of 5 students who each graduated from Penn and also participate in movements such as the occupy movement in Albany. They explained a little background of themselves. It was very interesting to see the different views that they had on certain contradictions on our society. From there the panel was open on questions that we had for them. Each question was answered with such conveyance that I actual became interested in the topics. Also how harsh the police are on them compared to others.Today I learned an hours worth of sitting in the grass that gradual became hard worth of occupy movement information.This was one of the afternoons that I would not forget.

On the way back to Penn me and Ivette did not have coins back. Our professors helped us get across , but by that time the train with all the other people had left. This left us with valuable time to get to know the professor on a personal level. They asked us questions about school from elementary through high school in regards to adaptation to our environment. We also got to ask them a few questions regarding to their opinions of the panel and their thoughts. When we got to town , Professor Lamas decided to treat us to ice cream. Ivette and I were very honored that he did this and felt that this was destined to happen( coincidentally the same theme as our many books Candide). We all sat down and enjoyed each others company up until it was time for Ivette and I to head to dinner. I feel that this summer will be filled with a lot of learning and experiences that I will be able to bring back. One of the events that I really look forward to is going to New York this weekend!

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