Friday, July 6, 2012

Something New = Wonderful day

Finally the last day of the week. Today's schedule didn't have much on it except for a few presentations and the movies later that night.This morning I finally motivated myself to get up and get breakfast. I was surprised that they had exactly what I eat at home, which is Jimmie Dean sausage with eggs and a bagel or English muffin.After breakfast I headed back up to the room to get my laptop and head to class.

Today we were meeting in the library so that everyone had a computer , but I decided to bring my own. We signed up for word press , and all created profile and posted something that reflected what we have been learning this past week. When lunch came around I decided that I was going to stick around with my usual click but actually hang out with other people so I would have a fuller experience. I think this was a good idea because I ended up meeting lots and lots of people. Even a person named Kamron, and my friend Ameer who is from Egypt. We all headed back to class and prepared for the presentations that were going to go forth.

One excited thing of the day was that I actually got a chance to see The cohort from my school that were visiting UPenn. This included Chris Han, Narges, and Hannah Pablo.It was very exciting because we shared our feeling for the east coast and acted as if we hadn't seen each other in years. This made for a wonderful day.

After class , I held on to my idea and decided to hang out with my newly found friends.I ended up having so much fun meeting and hanging out with people that I hung out all night.We all headed to Houston dining hall just before the movie "Ted" which started at 7. The movie was very entertaining , partly because I hadn't attended a movie in a few months.After the movie , We still had time before check-in , so we all played music and just had a fun time enjoying each others company.

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  1. more photos would be nice, otherwise, good blog.