Friday, July 6, 2012

Gotta Get Down On Friday

I woke up this morning filled with excitement. Not only was it Friday, but we were going on our first field trip! The first half of physics class went by relatively quickly. After discussing conservation laws, we broke for lunch at about 11:30.

I wasn't that hungry because it seemed like we finished breakfast not to long ago, but I decided it'd be best to eat now because my next opportunity to eat would be later that evening. I dined with David Barba and Molly from Maryland at Houston Market where we chowed  down on our different variations of sandwiches. Over lunch we discussed California/Bay Area/ West Coast slang relative to that of the rest of the world. It was surprising to me to learn that in Maryland, just like in much of the US, they don't actually make a habit of speaking in slang. It seems to be only in California that the majority of our youth speak with words not found in an english dictionary.  There's nothing wrong with slang if you use it only when appropriate(with friends rather than a more formal setting.) After lunch we headed across the hall to Insomnia Cookies. BEST COOKIES EVER. If any of you ever go to Pennsylvania for any reason, you have to try these cookies. They are cooked to the perfect point at which they are crunchy around the edges yet they remain soft and gushy on the inside. The cookies are also kept warm so when they are ordered the chocolate, peanut butter, etc is still warm and melted. These are by far the best cookies I've had. Ever.

We headed to the quad to meet our physics class and get on the bus. We boarded the nicely air-conditioned charter bus at about 12:30 and we were on our way. Our destination? The Simeone Foundation Museum of Historic Cars. Now why was a physics class going to a car museum, you ask? To race bowling balls! The lab for today was focused on force. By racing bowling balls around a track with brooms we learned about vectors and what type of force was needed to move and stop a bowling ball. After the lab we were free to explore the museum for about an hour. I wanted to leave as soon as possible because the museum didn't have air-conditioning. I've really come to love and appreciate the magical world of air-conditioning so when I'm encountered by an area that doesn't meet the newly established norms, I'm quite uncomfortable.

My favorite car in the whole museum!

The physics class in the museum racing bowling balls. My group came in fourth place out of eight, by the way. 

On the bus ride back I talked to Jessica from Connecticut about what we were planning to do in New York tomorrow. Of course the number one priority on our lists is shop!

We arrived back on campus at about 4:30 and the cohort split up to prepare for dinner and the movies later. We all headed to Houston Market for a quick dinner. After dinner we walked to a local CVS to pick up a few things. I bought envelopes and cough drops for my sore throat. When we made it back to campus, we had just enough time to run to our dorms, put our purchased items down, and run back outside.

For this Friday, our whole cohort decided to watch Ted. Ted is about a man and his human-like teddy bear who have been inseparable since John, the main character, was eight. The problem now is that John wants to pursue a relationship with a woman and Ted kind of gets in the way. Ted, John, and his girlfriend who's name I can't remember right now, experience ups and downs but never fear, in the end everyone lives happily ever after. The movie is a comedy that uses a handful of colorful language. All in all, it provided a great laugh for everyone in the theater. The movie was over at about 9:30 and we all walked back to campus. The topic of discussion was once again what we plan to do in New York tomorrow.

Since the day I saw that we'd be taking a trip to New York I've been excited and I absolutely can't wait to get my shop on tomorrow in Times Square.

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