Friday, July 6, 2012

Express Yourself

This morning was just the same as every other morning this week. I met my cohort for breakfast, and then walked to class with Chloe and Cameron. Instead of meeting in our usual morning classroom in the McNeil building, today we met in the library. Prof. Lamas wanted us to set up our own individual pages for a social justice website. The website still isn't quite finished, so nobody but the contributors are able to see it. As soon as it is open for the public to view it, I will post the link! On the pages that we were required to set up, we were supposed to put a picture of ourselves, the country where we are from, and a quote. That was step one, step two was to add a picture, a question, and a statement. All three of those had to relate to our first week in class. It could be something that stood out to you, how the week made you feel, or a past memory brought up by something that occurred this week. There were no rules, so you really could do it about anything. Then in the afternoon portion of the class, people presented their pages. We didn't get through everybody, so those who didn't go today will go on Monday.

Today's mandatory event was to go to the movie theaters. I signed up for the movie "Ted", and I was a bit disappointed. I chose the movie because I heard from people who had already seen it, that it was a really good movie. The movie was about a guy and his best friend, who is a talking teddy bear. Well at least now I'm sure that comedies are just not my kind of movies.

Tomorrow we are heading off to New York for the day! I'm really looking forward to it, everything except for the waking up super early part. Maybe I should head off to bed early tonight? Hmmm, I think I will. Goodnight!

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