Saturday, July 7, 2012

New York City

The first weekend of camp was to be spent in New York city. With there being a 2 hour drive , it meant that we all had to be up and ready by 8. So I promptly woke up at 7:30 ,brushed my teeth and brushed my hair, and out the door I went. When we got into the quad it was time to go. There were 5 big tour buses that we got to choice from. The only catch was that this would be the bus that you road in for the rest of our trips.I choose to sit with David , along with Ameer and Kim. 

Columbia Library
The first stop was to Columbia University. We walked around the campus for a bit , then got a chance to just wonder around and see what interested us about the campus. The campus was very pretty and had a since of prestige.We all had to meet back up and the meeting point and 1:00. From there we loaded back on the buses and headed to Time square. Which I think is the busiest part of NYC. When we arrived, we identified the areas that we could and couldn't go by the maps they gave us and whatever else we did in the time and space they gave us was totally up to us.

What else is there to do in Time square besides shopping.Well you can watch concerts or even decide to buy 4 dollars hot dogs. Yes that is right , a simple hot dog and a bun cost 4 dollars when the actual worth is somewhere around 1 dollar.Its all part of the NYC experience.It was not long before I got acquainted with,  the city. I was able to give people directions and even at times direct the group I was with. Did I forget , you were supposed to be in a group of 4 people at all times, and if caught otherwise you would have to walk with a RC until you either found a group or your group found you. The time spent in NYC was well spent mostly because it was my first time. I couldn't even imagine living there because after going there a certain amount of times , I would get sick of it. This is accurate with one of the students that attends the Social justice program
Mariko in front of Disney store

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