Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Best Days Last Only So Long

It’s Saturday! The day most people sleep in, and take a break from life. Well, we are not most people. Today, we had our first Saturday trip to Columbia University and then to Times Square. I was very excited to finally be able live the New York experience that I have only witnessed in the movies: crowded streets, angry drivers, the notorious hot dog stands, and best of all, the endless shopping. So instead of sleeping in like a regular, I woke up at 7:00AM giving myself plenty of time to get fueled for the 2 hour drive. At first, I thought it was going to be a disaster having 50 people in a bus in 100 degree weather, but it wasn’t. The air conditioning contributed to the success, along with laughter of new friends and the showing of The Dark Knight, which took our minds away from the outside and into the inside of the bus.

The Huge Library At Columbia...I Want To Go Inside!!!
Our first stop was at gorgeous Columbia University. We were given to hours to tour the school and the neighborhood around it, which helped me get the type of vibe the area. Then the clock started to tick closer to noon and the sun was not giving us mercy. We were able to hide away from the burning streets in a numerous of places: Pinkberry, Tom’s Restaurant, and the New York Public Library. A half hour before we had to go back to the buses, we tried to enter library at Columbia University, but unfortunately it was closed. We stood behind the pillars of the library, in the shade, to hide from the sun and get the best view of Columbia ever.
Yes, The View Is Amazing

After a quick drive from Columbia University to Times Square, the adventure began. We were given four hours to explore, shop, and in the end have fun. The girls were going to go to Forever 21, so Cameron and I went to shopping with some other guys, which also didn’t plan on going to Forever 21. Within a couple of hours, we had our hands filled with bags from different stores, such as Footlocker, Levi’s, and Urban Outfitters. After nearly three hours of walking around Times Square, we decided to meet up with the girls, who seem to have spent most of their day Forever 21. Time was running out as it came closer to 6:15PM (boarding time for the bus), yet all of our bellies we empty. Mariko, Cameron, and I went to Five Guys, which is like an In N Out, but a lot better.
Where Do I Begin?

During the bus ride back to my cozy dorm, I reflected on my day. I loved New York and will definitely go back for a whole visit around The Big Apple. And then out of nowhere, it started to rain, which reminded me of the weird California weather (and that’s if you consider California as having weather, which I don’t). With many thrilling adventures happening every day, I can’t wait for what tomorrow has to offer. 

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