Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Month With The Penn Team

Today was a very special day for the Penn Team. It was our one month anniversary. It is so hard to believe that just one month ago, we were headed across the country with a bunch of what were then strangers to us. Now just a few weeks later, we've all grown to be great friends, we're kind of like a family. 

Today in physics we watched an overly dramatized movie about the first atomic bomb. After watching the movie, we talked a little bit about the ethics behind warfare. Today we were given a longer lunch to prepare for the presentations on exponential growth. We met back in room 231 of Fisher-Bennett hall at 1:30 and started the presentations. All of the presentations were done by 4:00 and we were free to go.

Ivette reflects back on all of the great times we've shared.
For the next couple of hours I worked on my physics presentation for tomorrow. At 7:00 we all met up with our chaperone for dinner at the White Dog Cafe which is an organic restaurant located a few blocks from campus. Dinner was great as usual, great food shared with even better people. We spent our night trying to decode Chloe and Cameron's new language the created during the day. When dessert came out, Ivette gave a very heartwarming speech about the past month we've all spent together. After sharing many more memories and laughs, we went back to campus. 

We have just three short days left and every day it becomes more apparent that our time here is almost up. I've met so many great people here and I hope to continue a lot of the friendships I've began. I love it here but it's definitely time to get back home. Tomorrow we have yet another presentation in physics then my RC is taking our floor out for dinner.


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