Wednesday, July 25, 2012


These past few days, I have been waking up earlier in order to get bagels at Einstein Bros. Today, I continued these actions, but not for Einstein Bros. Today, class started at 8:30AM because Bill was hosting a "Bomb Breakfast," which had bagels, for the screening of the timeline of the atomic bomb. But first, the physics family had a chance to be united and relax. It is moments like this, when I have chances to reflect on how great this month has been, being surrounded with future physicist, engineers, leaders...reminds me of how much I am going to miss it all.

Before the film about atomic bombs, Bill gave a short lecture on the moral and ethic conflicts scientist endure, that we will eventually endure, when they discover or invent. Their new information will always affect the world in two ways: either peace and happiness or chaos and destruction. The film on the atomic bomb was just something out of this world, tying all of the events in the 20th century together in a way that left you thinking. I had my first conflict with Bill today, which was something I thought would have never happened. He said that Einstein was not the man that caused it all in the 20th century, but instead it was Hitler. Yet after his reasoning, he still managed to persuade me. What I got from this lecture was that it's the world that decides the path, not the person. Hitler was able to change the world, in such a way, that physicist were decided to use physics as a weapon, not for prior knowledge and understanding.

After lunch, we were given time to prepare for our presentations our exponential growth/decay labs. It was interesting learning about what everyone else did. I was surprised to find that our lab was not exponential, all I can say is that our data tricked us.  Nonetheless, we were able to present our lab.

Today was the Penn Team's one month anniversary, monthaversary. We went out to dinner to a restaurant called White Dog. The food was a mere plus, what mattered was the Penn Team being reunited as a family. We have shared one month of our lives not as an individuals, but as a system of different characteristics, different feelings, and best of all different laughs. But I can't say good-bye now, we still have three more days together (I am counting Saturday). Until then, I will try to savor each day, feel each second, build the biggest, most beautiful memories. So lets start living life beyond the fullest, break the maximum barrier, because good-bye is a phrase too hard to even think of.

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