Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Mariko!

The day had finally arrived, a day for oobleck! Jessica and I arrived at the David Rittenhouse Laboratories a few minutes before we were supposed to be there so we just sat in A-1 and waited for the rest of our team. The oobleck team headed out back with our instructor, Bill Berner, and started the dirty work. Our task for the morning was to mix up four large troughs of oobleck. Seems simple, right? Well we only had two hundred fifty pounds of corn starch available and we had less than an hour to do so. So the work began!
Elena, Jessica, and I messing around in oobleck! RAWR!

Shortly after 9 AM students began streaming in. When I saw Mariko I ran to wish her a happy birthday! Oh course I was careful not to cover the birthday girl in oobleck. For the next half an hour we played in the corn starch-water mixture. It was extremely fun and super messy. It was all worth it though. For the remainder of class we watched a movie then yet another cosmologist came in to talk to us.

After lunch we returned to our interest groups and prepared our final reports. In the oobleck room we divided up the tasks for our powerpoint and then experimented some more. We added dry ice to the oobleck just to see what would happen. How many other classes have you been in where you get to do stuff just for fun?!

Happy 17th Birthday, Mariko!
For dinner we all went to an Indian Restaurant where Ivette, Cameron, and I all had Indian food for the first time. Cameron and I went with the buffet so we could try as much food as possible while everyone else ordered their own individual plates off of the menu. I am so happy we went to an Indian restaurant as I've wanted to try Indian cuisine forever!

Today was a great day and I almost thought it was Friday. Tomorrow the physics people get to sleep in a bit before we meet in the Quad for our field trip to the Franklin Institute at 9:30 instead of the usual 9:00 at the lab a few blocks away. The extra minutes of sleep will be greatly appreciated. 

To end the day we're having a movie night in Ivette's room. Happy birthday to Mariko, once again!

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