Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Is Happiness?

Today's morning and afternoon lecture were a lot different than usual. Prof. Lamas and Michael did not teach the class, they passed the ropes on over to Adnan Selimovic and Will Darwall. Adnan was our guest speaker for the day along with his friend, Will. Adnan studied social and political thought in Canada, and is now doing research on youth and society. Between the morning and the afternoon classes, we covered many different controversial topics. Some of the many topics were youth and politics, social science, political education, cognitive dissonance, and the meaning of happiness. I am not going to go into details about the lecture, because my blog would be ridiculously long. However, I will talk about the topic that stood out to me, the meaning of happiness. The truth is there really is no set definition for what happiness is, because it's something different for everybody. Happiness is individualized. Happiness is self defining. You cannot analyze what happiness is. I found that part of our lecture really interesting. I'm not sure why that is, but it really stood out to me. Maybe because we all want to be happy, and we look for that happiness everywhere. That's the problem, we look for it everywhere except where it actually is, within ourselves. You are the only person who can make YOU happy.

At 5:45, Clara, Chloe, Alysa, and I made our way over to Houston Market for dinner. We thought it was early enough so that there wasn't going to be a ton of people in there, but oh boy, we were so wrong. After spending an eternity in line after line, we managed to find a table and enjoy our dinner. The rest of my evening consisted of spending a bit of time at the gym, and an RC meeting.

It was a nice day, but I'm ready for tomorrow to start!

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