Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Politics and Youth

Today I finally figured out a way to get more sleep, by waking up later.It may not seem like a major adjustment , but when college starts at 9am ,you don't need to dress up fancy , it will only take about thirty minutes. So today I woke up at 8:30 , which felt great and made my way to class. Today we had two guest speakers,Adnan Selimović and is friend Will Darwall, that spoke on the topic of Youth and politics.

One main point that they hit on that I really took interest too was the fact that the things we are taught and raised to believe at and early age can actually lead to early misunderstandings which can eventually lead to long-term misconceptions.They really broke down the development of humans up until their teen years. It was very interesting but I thought 6 hours of it was quit enough.

After class I decided to hang out with a few friends I had met. We went to the gym and afterwards decided to go shopping for food at the local Grocery store. Since they had bought a fridge and microwave they stocked up on a lot of food, so they wouldn't have to wait in the long lines that form for breakfast. When we returned we had a RC meeting were we just pick the movie that we would want to watch that Friday. The last thing of the night was very interesting. I found something that both Kamron and I are interested in. We both like skateboarding , so we were watching tons of videos on the history of Love park in relations to skateboarding. We plan to actually visit the park on Sunday. The rest of the night was to be spent reading and getting prepared for class.

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  1. Need photo of you and your room mate. Also, a photo of what your room look like. I have forgotten what you look like (L.O.L.)