Monday, July 16, 2012

West Philly

For the morning portion of the class we went on a field trip to West Philadelphia! It was really hot, and every step felt like it was my millionth one, but it was worth it! We walked through the neighborhoods, and it was so sad. All you really saw were old beat up abandoned houses. The houses were falling apart, I mean that literally. We also walked through a street market where all they were really selling was a ton of knock offs, but that wasn't what was so surprising about that place. After passing through, Michael informed us that it is the largest underground gun market. Walking through the streets of Philadelphia, I realized that there are so many hidden stories. This city has so much history and I wish I had time to explore it all!

The afternoon portion of the class was divided. First we reflected back on the morning's trip. Michael wanted to know how we felt about it, or if there were any questions we had. Second we talked about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. We watched videos on the aftermath of the storm, and videos of the storm tearing apart the city. While watching the videos all I could think about was, "How does somebody recover from all of this? What about the city? How can you move past it?" Lucky for me, Michael answered these questions, you don't. According to him, New Orleans will never finish recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

I spent my evening at the gym. I had not gone to the gym since Thursday, so I was extremely happy to be able to spend some time there! The only downside to spending so much time in the gym is that I am now exhausted, but a good  night's sleep should do the trick. Goodnight!

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