Monday, July 16, 2012

Interesting Monday

This monday made the 4th week being away from home. I know my parents miss me and our in dire need of my assistance back home. My aunt shared with me that this was the first time in years that she had to wash her car. Now that I am very settled in , I think its going to be hard to leave , because I have met new friends , and I know that I probably wont ever see them again.

This monday was revolving around the environment . We were going to visit mills creek . Ironically it is  not a creek anymore but is actually a somewhat run down neighborhood. So much so that many of the houses were abondoned, due to the fact that cracks had formed in the foundation of the houses causing them the lean and eventually fall. Although this was in one house, many of the houses are connected, which would cause a whole block possibly to be destroyed.

As we walked down the street , Mr Nairn instructed us to observe differences within the neighborhoods. We all concluded that as we walked down the street it became more residential . Many churches appeared , and the people selling knock off items disappeared . We later learned that 52st, which was the street we saw many of the knock off items , was one of the biggest gun selling spots in philly. I didn't know what to think it , other than why on earth are we here. We later visted many of the farms that are in the area such as Mills farm. As we walked a couple more blocks, I suddenly saw the environment change from predominately black to mostly white. What went along with that was the standard of living. The housed were well taking care , lawns very well cut, and there was more space in between houses. It was very nice to return to somewhat familiar territory because being over in the area seems worse than Richmond , California which I am from. The rest of the day was spent on discussing environment with politics in the cause of the destruction of New Orleans.

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