Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waves For Days

After last night's late end, getting up this morning was quite the difficult task.  I did manage to drag myself out of bed and have plenty of time for breakfast before heading off to class.

Class today was one of the most unique experiences I have had the chance to take part of during my time in the ILC.  We had a teleconference with a Penn professor who has been working on the ATLAS project at CERN in Switzerland.  He explained to us the momentous discovery of the Higgs Boson and how the Large Hydron Collider (LHC) works.  His work sounded fascinating and in the end, he linked it to the search for Dark Matter, a subject I studied a lot this year.  My mind was blown by noon.  

After lunch, where I continued in my quest to try every food in the dining hall before repeating anything, we had a lecture and lab on waves.   Once again, learning old information in a new way made the whole day very exciting.  My group finished our lab around 3 and I headed back to my dorm with some other students.  I spent a little time in my dorm catching up on some work and taking a break from the heat.  Then Mariko, who has elected herself official laundry lady for the group, came by to get my clothes and we walked around to the cohort's dorms.  We all went for dinner together, except the guys decided they couldn't be seen with us and left early.  I love how much freedom this program gives me and I enjoy walking around the campus area.  
Professor Bill Berner explains waves with his nifty doodads 
After dinner, I caught up with my brother, who is working at a family camp near Yosemite, and my parents, who asked for a shout out. Hi Mom and Dad! (See I really do love you).  Even though I haven't been gone for too long, it was nice to talk to them again and hear about the goings on in the Bay Area.  I finished my day with a run, which I hate to admit was my first form of exercise since arriving at UPenn.  

Tomorrow we are taking our first field trip to the Simeone Foundation Museum to look at cars and study friction.  Then we will race bowling balls and try to find the perfect balance of acceleration and deceleration for the shortest time.  I love cars, and who doesn't love a good bowling ball race? Tomorrow should be an excellent day.  

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  1. Okay, let’s touch on these item by item:

    • Where can I get myself a set of those doodads?
    • Where is the laundry lady when I need her?
    • What’s wrong with those guys? A bevy of good looking smart young ladies and they’re going somewhere else?
    • You’ve been studying Dark Matter? You’ve been looking inside my head? Was I there at the time?

    You did a great job with this blog. I was interested in what you wrote and you had just enough of a teaser to make me want to read Friday’s blog to learn more about racing bowling balls.