Thursday, July 5, 2012

Traveling At The Speed Of Light

Do I even need my alarm? Today was the third time in a row in which I woke up before my alarm. I believe this phenomenon happens because of two reasons: I have gotten accustomed to the time zone and the sun shines through my blindless windows. Nonetheless, I followed the usual schedule of meeting up with the others for breakfast to begin the day.

Class blew my mind away. First, we started off with a lecture about forces and acceleration. The examples where similar to the labs we did the first day of class, involving a car and a fan. Then the mind blowing began. So yesterday, the Higgs boson reports where released to the public. The research team that spent numerous hours working on the discovery estimated that the possibility of their discovery being wrong was about 1 out of 20,000. I was astonished about the confident level of the scientist. Today we had the opportunity to speak with one of the scientists that work of the Higgs boson. He is, from yours truly University of Pennsylvania, Elliot Lipeles. It felt great speaking to someone with so much passion for their career that it has led him to make history. Being there has really motivated me to work harder and to strive in the things I love.  Unfortunately, we were unable to speak with him forever.  Before going to lunch, we had a quick lecture on sound waves.
Demonstration on Light Waves and Defraction

After lunch, Professor Bill's great sense of humor enforced the understanding of waves, by threatening to throw his two chalk board erasers and tying up a rope to whip those who fall asleep. Before anybody thinks our teacher is a mad man, the eraser represented particles and the rope was waves, one has a quick action and the other can be continuous. This is just one of the many jokes that he uses to help us understand the material. 

After the lecture we went on to do a lab that involved finding the wavelength of light. I have never done this and was somewhat confused because the steps were really easy. I expected endless amounts of steps with huge equations, but it was the complete opposite. Once again we got out early.

I got back to my dorm noticing the huge bag of clothes that has been growing for the past few days. Its time to do laundry. Not only was this happening to me, but also to others. Next thing you know, the laundry room is filled with young adults doing laundry. It was so easy doing the laundry, it was literally done at the push of one button. While the clothes were in the washer, we went to go eat dinner. The dinner buffet was satisfying as always, but ended shortly because we had to put the clothes in the dryer. While the 50 minute wait for the clothes to be dried, Cameron and I decided to accept Eli Lesser’s challenge from orientation and locate all 12 Ben Franklins. Unfortunately, we were only able to find two because of the laundry that had to be finished.
One of Twelve
Tomorrow, we are scheduled to have our first field trip in Physics to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. Then in the evening we will have our first movie night. Rumor has it that nearly everyone chose to watch Ted. But right now I want to get some sleep after two long days.

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  1. So let me get this straight: You couldn’t complete your studies (the search for the 12 Ben’s) because you had to do your laundry? That’s rich, David. That’s right up there with “the dog ate my homework”.