Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wada (Water)

After only starting class two days ago, we got the day off for Independence Day. I have always loved Independence Day, especially because of the fireworks. Since the very beginning started right here in Philly, I hear it is going to be big. Ian Lawrence planned the best 4th of July ever for us, which consisted of a parade, a fair, concert, and ultimately the fireworks. Our anxiousness showed and we were already waiting at the scheduled time of 9:00 AM, waiting for our chaperone to come and start the fun, but unfortunately he was slightly late. We used the trolley to get to the parade.
The Marching Band
The day of fun was kick started with the parade at Independence Hall. The parade saluted every aspect of America, from the soldiers to the different cultures we embrace in our everyday life. The parade made me reflect on how much more there is to the 4th of July, not only is there amusing fireworks, but about how our the US fought for independence and freedom back in 1776 and how it is still fighting today. 

The Dancers With Very Shiny Costumes 
After the parade, we went to the fair, which wasn't what I expected. It consisted of multiple food vendors, two or three games, and a strong man competition. Before leaving today, I checked the weather and saw that there was a chance of rain and thunder. Should I wear a sweater? Luckily, I decided not to because there were no clouds, just pure sun rays and evil humidity. We searched for water multiple times, or since we are in Philly, wada. Fortunately, no one passed out due to heat stroke. Although we didn't have tickets for the concert, we were still able to get a good view from the grass. The place was packed with people cluttering the streets, sidewalks, bridges, and even the trees. As the music played, everyone was in a state of bliss. I loved the whole atmosphere of Philly and am sad that the West Coast doesn't take the 4th of July as seriously as the East. Unfortunately, the order of events was running late and we began to get tired after being on our feet for over twelve hours. We walked through, what seemed to be the never ending swarm of people.
Having Fun At The Park
The day ended as we arrived back to our meat locker cold dorms at UPenn. There were many adventures and I loved being able to hang out with my cohort and our well-missed chaperone Ian Lawrence. I can't wait to get back to physics tomorrow.

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  1. David,

    I hope you don’t pick up any bad accents while you’re staying in Philly. That Philly sound may work back there but you’ll definitely have trouble if you speak it back here.