Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

The first day without class seemed like the weekend, but it was only Wednesday, July 4th. I woke up , got dressed and got ready to have a fun day out with Mr Lawrence and the gang.One thing that I forgot was that he was not on my permission slip to sign me out. I quickly called my parents and prayed that they would be up, because it was 9am here making it 6am there. Luckily it was July 4th ,because they were already up and moving , getting ready for the festivities of the day. I got everything straightened out , with a series of emails and faxes and off we were to the trolly system making our way into town.

The gang

We got off right were the parade was. Tons of people and tons of police. We found a viewing point, which I regret being at due to the humidity and heat. It seemed as if there was an everlasting line of Fire trucks , and how hot I was made it seem even longer. Thanks to Chloe , I changed from wearing jeans to shorts. I thought it was going to rain but even if it would have, it would have been raining in 95 degree weather.My favorite part of the parade was seeing the different marching bands and actually comparing them to my schools marching band. I also wondered that if I was barely making it in a t-shirt and shorts , how are they doing it in the many articles of clothing they wear to make up their uniforms. After, we refueled our energy by getting lunch at subway along with  lots of water . We headed towards a street with tons of interactions.Kind of like a huge block party which was called "The party on the parkway".There were bands playing , basketball , food , and wonderful trees that provided shade while we took naps.I love naps in the middle of the day.Besides that we grabbed dinner at a local pizza place right around the corner from the street party.
Marching band

After hours of July 4th interactions , it was time for the concert that was in the very same area. Queen Latifa , Common, The roots, and the Jonas brothers were all there to perform. That night had started and great music was being played. To wind up the night  , we got to look into the sky and see tons of beautiful fireworks go up along with hearing their thunderous BOOMS.By this time we were already on our long walk Back HOME.  July 4th was well spent with my wonderful cohort along with Mr Lawrence who was well missed.

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