Sunday, July 1, 2012

So Excited for This Trip in Philly!

“You guys, I miss this!” said Clara as we joined together in Ivette’s room for our blogging party.  Today is officially the first day that Ian Lawrence is not solely in charge of taking care of us all, as he is now shares that responsibility with the members of the Summer Discovery program.  
This morning I woke up in the Sheraton University Hotel, a little bit sad to end my rooming days with Mariko and Clara.  It was our last night in a hotel before we moved into our dorms, and while it was sad to separate, I was super excited to move into a room with a new person.  All day, from the moment I woke up to the time we arrived on the University of Pennsylvania campus, I was anxious and ecstatic to have my first long-term dorm experience with a total, awesome stranger.   However, contrary to my former beliefs, I was not assigned to a double dorm, but rather to a single room.  Although I was upset to not have this experience, I immediately decided that I was going to make an extra extra effort to meet the roommates of everyone else in my cohort along with the remaining 235 or so people participating in the various summer programs.  This is a promise that I’m making to myself, and I intend to make great connections with a number of people this summer!
Besides meeting new people, I have loved walking around the quad today and getting settled into my new home for the next four weeks.  The staff and students here have all been super nice today so I am feeling way more comfortable here, even after the first day!  This gives me great hope for the experiences and memories I will create with everyone new I meet here, and I definitely want to stay close with my cohort.  The activities and facilities here seem amazing as well, so I will also be taking full advantage of these provided engagements.   Can’t wait to start class tomorrow in this beautiful campus!

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