Sunday, July 1, 2012

304 Morris

The amount of sleep that I could have gotten, would have not affected my alertness at all today. I was so anxious to finally go to UPenn, to meet my roommate, and start class. We had our final breakfast as a group at the Sheraton. As we ate, I observed how much we have bonded and how much I am going to miss not being with them at nearly every moment.
New Bed

UPenn From My Window
Before heading off to UPenn, we took a quick stop at K-Mart to grab any need essential. We went back to the hotel to the Sheraton and decided to walk to the campus. Although it was only about three blocks, the walk was the most difficult walk ever, especially due to the luggage we had to carry. It was hard, but my motivation to get to UPenn pushed me to keep going. At check-in, I got my check-in folder, PennCard (otherwise known as student ID), and two keys: one for my room and another for the bathroom. I was very excited to finally get a college experience, to finally be in a dorm with another student. He is Kyle from New York, who is very funny, easy to talk to, and a new friend. I had a chance to unpack and relax before I discovered that I still had the change from the cab, so I ran our in search for Ian Lawrence. I found him along with Cloe and Mariko. There we explored the campus a bit and I got to see all the dorms. Ed Healy is very friendly with one of the best personalities ever. He approached us and took us to a near by store called Wawa, which in his words is "a seven-eleven on steroids." I went back to my dorm were I finished unpacking and relax for a while.
All The Hungry Students

At dinner, I got a chance to meet a whole lot more people. We met up outside as a huge group, then walk to the dining hall. It was a great chance for me to branch out. It is a big difference from the fancy restaurants we were just a few days ago, but it is something I can easily overcome. After dinner, we headed out for a 235 student orientation. Eli Hesser started it off with great humor, which drew me in and gave me a great sense of comfort.  He began the orientation by showing us how diverse the program is with students literaly all around the world. He went the structure of the program. Then Ed Healy went up to talk about the program, events that we are going to be doing, and the rules. Many of the events seem very fun and interesting such as our trips to New York City and Washington D.C. I am really happy to have the opportunity to do so much in only on month. I am actually scared that the time will pass by to fast.

After the orientation, we met up with our RC, Residential Counselor, who gave us a more in depth overview of the little things, such as managing food, showering, etc. Today, our cohort unfortunately didn't have a blog party. I can already feel myself missing them, but then I love making new friends. With tomorrow being the first day of actual class, I just wonder if I will get some sleep with all the adrenaline running through me.

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