Thursday, July 26, 2012

Should We Purposely Blind Ourselves?

Today, began as every other day of this week, early and then to Einstein Bros. As strange as it is, I didn't even feel hungry for breakfast, but I pushed myself to finish my conference dollars. This feeling of fullness, in my theory, happened because I have been buying a ton of snacks and drinks at lunch.  And then continuously eating them throughout the day. Nonetheless, I had a huge breakfast to start the day.

These past days, we have had weird scheduling that some may even call disorder. But today, the laws of physics were broken and the disorder became order. Bill started class with a morning lecture, like the good old times were the end was not near. Now if you are a physics buff, you might have guessed what he lectured on, any guesses. If you guessed thermodynamics, then you are correct. For those who guessed wrong, thermodynamics is about the laws of mechanical energy and heat. 

We were then joined by a guest speaker, Professor Phil Nelson, who lectured on the human eye and its reaction with light. So apparently humans don't have the best eyes in the animal kingdom, falling short to our food, the chicken. Our eyes only detect three colors, that combine in different mixtures to form all the other colors. Chicken on the other hand, can detect four, thus giving them a better scope of color vision. Hope is not lost, but it comes with a price. This solution if for those hardcore High Definition fanatics whose dream is to get more color. This is used mostly for the blind, where light receptors, which are far superior than that of the human eye, are placed in the eye sockets and then connected to the brain, thus giving the patient the best vision possible. This is a bit extreme for me, I love my eyes and don't plan on losing them ever.

I suffered from the same feeling of fullness at lunch, to that of breakfast. I decided to eat less and buy just water bottles. Even though my backpack ended up filled with these bottles, I didn't mind it because it was in the 90s today. I will trade in thirst for tired legs any day of the week.

After lunch, we had our second set of presentations. Today was interest groups, which leaves Hershey Park for tomorrow. I found our presentation on the cloud chamber really differnent to that of all the others. Everyone else was able to perform some type ot test, which gave them numbers as data. We had no numbers, but instead pictures and videos.  It was really fun sharing our experiment and know that I will definitly build my own cloud chamber at home, using the YouTube videos Craig showed us.

After class, my Hershey Park group met up to power through our presentation. I got my first chance to actual analyze the data and was shocked. On the GLX, the data appeared only graph, but using LoggerPro, we were able to break it down into three graphs. Thus making it more understandable....thank you LoggerPro. 

The rest of my evening was spent doing laundry and packing everything back into my suitcase. I was then cut short because it was my uncle's birthday today, so I ended up have an hour long conversation with everybody at his bday party. Tomorrow is my younger brother's birthday, and I just know that I will have another hour long conversation. I'm just glad I started packing today. With tomorrow being the last day of class, I just don't know what to feel: happiness to go back home or sadness because I will have to say good-bye.

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