Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Morning With The Einstein Brothers

I started my morning off with an Asiago bagel with cream cheese and a cafe mocha from a place I discovered thanks to David. This morning David and I were surprised by the long line at Einstein Brothers because we thought it was a well kept secret. Once we both got our orders we went to class and sat through a lecture on thermodynamics. After the lecture, Phil Nelson, a biophysicist came in and talked to us about the relationship between the human brain and colors. It was really fascinating to learn how our brains are so easily fooled.

Lunch time was filled with students buying as much food and retail items as possible to spend up the last of the their conference dollars. We now have one more day to spend the balance remaining on our cards. Tomorrow I plan to buy a lot of snacks for our journey back home on Saturday.

When we came back from lunch we started on our group presentations on special interest groups. My special interest group focused on non-Newtonian fluids, more specifically oobleck. Our presentation went more into detail with our experiments since the class already got to experience the strange properties of oobleck last week.

After class, some of the people on my floor went out to dinner with RC Naya. The six of us ate at a nearby Chilli's. Dinner was a great chance to talk to Naya who will be finishing her senior year of college in a few months. It is always nice to receive advice on college from multiple people. Chloe and I returned to the Quad and played a little in the rain. Later during the night, Ivette, Chloe, and I ordered a box of Insomnia Cookies and enjoyed each others company and laughter.

Tomorrow is the last day of class and I still can't believe it! I have to go plan out what goodies I'm going to  buy tomorrow!

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