Friday, July 27, 2012


This morning I had a hard time getting up. Didnt get such a goodnight sleep , so I found myself waking up at about 8:30. As soon as I woke up , I took a deep breath and said two more days. I Suddenly felt overjoyed but at the same time sad(bittersweet). The people that I have come to know so well and that I finally got comfortable with , would be leaving and so would I. Possibly never to see again in life , with the only communication being a non expressing cellular phone or computer. After all the deep thought off I was to class.

Today we had two guest speakers , one by the name Judith baker , who is a a lawyer and a social worker who also works with the HIAS foundation. She spoke on the topic of of immigration , as that was the topic for the latter part of the week. She specifically gave us information on Asian immigration , along with the reasons that there is immigration. Our second speaker , Javier Hernandez , spoke on the topic of Mexican immigration. He shared many personal stories regarding this topic and also shared a lot of opinions of the immigration laws , facts and statistics.

Today we were not having lunch at Penn. We made our voyage to Juntos. This is a Latino immigrant community that fights for human rights as workers, youth, parents , and of course immigrants. This was basically a continuation of the morning session.We got a chance to speak with some of the students that were being mentored . This young lady explained her experiences being an immigrant and becoming accustomed to the U.S. Going through High school , she explained how she was always bullied because of her accent, and it came to a point were she wanted to go back. Her mom forced her to back because she knew it was best for her. through her perseverance she graduated high school. Another hard point in her life was that all her friends were applying for colleges and seldom asked her if she had got any acceptances.  The answer for her would be no because she hadn't applied to any because she was un-documented. That meant no support from the government and she would actually be paying double what a regular american would pay for college. So if tuition was 60,000 , she would be paying 120,000. With high aspirations of  going to college she had to choice the cheapest route, and is going to be attending community college this fall.

I truly learned a lot today, and was glad to be able to learn from so many different people.


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