Friday, July 27, 2012

Sappy, (Sad + Happy)

Today, everybody was excited for the day to end, so that they can go home. Or this is what they thought before that day had a chance to progress. We began class with our Hershey Park presentations. I loved how everybody integrated a video of their ride, which made me feel as if I rode.  I am definitely coming back to Pennsylvania to ride all the rides at Hershey because they made them look like so much fun.

After that, things became emotional. Eli kick started the emotions by talking our future, Penn, and the number one determining factor of everything we ever attempt to do in life: determination. He included an example of Ben Franklin with his speech, which is customary whenever he talks about Penn. Then he put us on the spotlight by talking about our blogs, which made me feel a rush of joy. He then went on to talk about one of my previous blogs, Swimming With Dolphins, and what a coincidence it was that it was nearly identical to the Penn Summer Motto, Swim With Dolphins. I then was given a post of the Penn Summer program, which I now regret placing at the bottom of my suitcase because I forgot to take a picture. I almost forgot, I need to give a shout-out to Alec because he asked for it and he reads my blogs.

Emotions hit everyone when Bill nearly cried while he was talking about the fun we had. Then thanks to Penny, we watched a slideshow of the whole summer. This was a very heart warming slideshow because it added on to memories of all fun we shared. I have to thank Brian for giving us a CD with everything we did over the course of the program. We then got a chance to know Bill from a powerpoint that showed the evolution of Bill, from prom to present. So as usual, we tried things up with a laugh. After class, everybody stayed to take a picture with the best physics professor ever, Bill. I even got him to sign my poster of Penn. Boy am I going to miss him.

Bill, The Best Physics Teacher Ever
After class, I went to my room to finish up packing. Once done, I had my final moments with some of the best people I have ever met. We spent our time talking about the great memories we shared along with a game of pool. Later that evening, we attended a special talent show and then watched our finally movie together, 21  Jumpstreet. Once the movie ended, we went back to the lounge and continued remenicing about how much fun we had together. Then the sad part came, floor time, where everybody said their final good-byes and hoped that we will meet again. It was a roomful of hugs and sadness. But apart from being sad, I am thankful for having the opportunity to have such a marvelous summer here at Penn.

Until then, let destiny bring those who were close, together in the future.

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